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Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah (aka Samragi Laxmi Shahor Samragyee RL Shah) is an award-winning Nepali actress and a model. Shah started her film career in 2016, debuting in Bhuwan KC’s ‘Dreams’. In her debut movie, she appeared in the role of the lead actress, opposite popular Nepali young actor, producer Bhuwan KC’s son, Anmol KC.

It was reported that Samragyee beat 23 competitors before she was chosen for her role in Dreams. Prior to joining the Nepalese movie industry, Samragyee worked as a model, walking on the catwalk and appearing in different product promotions.

After Samragyee became a popular actress in the wake of the commercial and critical success of her first movie, Nepali tabloids ran stories linking her ancestry to Nepal’s royal family. According to media reports, she has demanded up to a million Nepali rupees to sign up for new movies.

Samragyee in 2016
native-name NATIVE NAME: सम्राज्ञी राज्य लक्ष्मी शाह
birth-date BIRTHDAY: 18 November 1995
birthplace BIRTHPLACE: Kathmandu, Nepal 
education EDUCATION: BSW 
profession PROFESSION: Actress, Model 
notable-work NOTABLE WORK: Dreams 
height HEIGHT: 5’ 7”
relationship BOYFRIEND: Not Known 
nationality NATIONALITY: Nepali
ethnicity ETHNICITY: Asian
religion RELIGION: Hindu 
salary SALARY 5-15 laks/film
 net-worth NET WORTH: Approx. 10m NRS
family-members FAMILY: Neha Rajya Laxmi Shah (mother)

Mahesh Bikram Shah (father)

children-icon CHILDREN: None
social-media-links FOLLOW ON:
facebook instagram

Early Life & Education

Samragyee Rajya Laxmi Shah was born on 18 November 1995 in Kathmandu. Her father, Mahesh Bikram Shah, used to be a model in his youth and her mother is a housewife. Samragyee has ancestral roots in Nepal’s Shah (royal) dynasty.

Samragyee’s parents moved to Birgunj, Parsa when she was still a small child. She attended a private school in Birgunj in her childhood. However, after completing grade 3, she was sen to a Delhi-based Sai Baba school in India for further studies. Samragyee completed her higher secondary education from the Royal Academy, India. As of 2016, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.

Career As a Model & Actress

In November 2014, Samragyee was the second runner up at the Face of Classic Diamond jewelers fashion competition and was awarded NRS 25000. She reportedly received many offers for movies and fashion shows after the event.

In media interviews, Samragyee says that shed had always wanted to be a model since her childhood and had took up modelling as a hobby since her school days. She was among top 3 models of her school in India. When she was in grade 7, she started watching Victoria Secrets’ fashion shows on TV and was impressed by them.

Samragyee’s first movie Dreams became a commercial and critical success and she received the best newcomer actress award at the FAAN 2016.

Personal Life

As of 2016, Samragyee lives with her parents and hasn’t spoken publicly about her relationship or a boyfriend. Samragyee’s father Mahesh Bikram Shah used to be a model and now runs a restaurant business in Birgunj.  In a media interview when asked whether Samragyee and Anmol were attracted to each other in a romantic way, both replied that there was nothing like that and were just good friends.

In an interview with Naari magazine, Samragyee said that she loves going out with her family, and she loves volleyball, swimming, hiking, trekking and watching fashion channels. Her favorite food is Chinese. She also says in the same interview that she aspires to be a top model and wants to spread social awareness as a brand ambassador of a charity organization.

On one occasion, Samragyee described herself as a ‘honest, emotional person’ who is happiest when able to  ‘dance, enjoy good music, good food’, and when being with ‘loved ones’.



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